Total Cover Protective Services, Inc. (TCPS) is a world-class security, investigative, and training consulting company that is committed to providing the highest quality of customized services and solutions for the U.S. Government, the private sector as well as the private individual.


TCPS, Inc. was established with the awareness and forethought of our nation’s changing times, where the need for security measures in all areas of government, corporate America, and our private lives is no longer an option, but rather a necessity for survival.

TCPS has an extensive history of supporting Clients worldwide – in any geographic location – be it Hollywood or the Horn of Africa. TCPS is a widely diverse organization spanning a multitude of services, products, program and operational support, and management. To complete and broaden our capabilities in support of our clientele, we partner and integrate key subcontractors in order to meet our Clients’ mission needs